Monthly Archives: March 2010

New Beginnings


New beginnings

Hopeful tomorrow’s

My heart can’t hold all this happiness

As if my heart overflows with emotions

I can’t think

I am awestruck

I am sailing to my destination

I am flowing with the breeze

I am flying high

As if life will never come to a nigh

Endowed with a blessing

The greatest gift ever

I feel complete

This wonder

This sense of calm

Strange belonging to this world of words

This familiar sense of paper

of black ink

Freshness of ideas

bubbling and bursting through my mind

I write………..

Welcome Note


I have been doing several things and dabbling with paint, with ink, with colors, with musical notations, laptops, with scrolls,quills,pens,cameras. Enjoying life, experiencing life in its full swing.Being a cynic, then resurrecting, traveling through various destinations and various jobs. So, that’s what I write about only difference being, I write while I sip on some tea. There is no greater passion than sharing lived experiences, than writing about everything and everyday. Life is fascinating and if put to lyric can be interesting. So here I start!