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A Cynic’s Diary


A Cynic's Diary

Strangers as they met

I came back home to feel that I had once again lost something forever
That I was never to see him again, never
Then again I feel, what did I lose, it was mine never
So, now I have to walk on, on that empty road
Which was once filled with companionship?
Now I tell myself, those days are now gone
I console myself and hold back those tears
I fight them hard, but I know I am scarred
I hope there is someone in the future to allay my fears
Truth of life, I have to accept: “nothing lasts”
And many memories sealed I have now kept
So, here I look on, look ahead,
Till I meet him again, once again
Never to meet him, but to be now estranged forever

Cant’t think without you

It was the first time that I felt scared
I wish never to see this again, that is the only thing then I dared
It was the first time I saw you weak
And my future never before did seem so bleak
I was unable to speak.
Seeing at your worst,being so meek.
I could not think at all.

How can I ever see you fall.
I can never see you in pain
For then my life becomes in vain.

A testimonial by Prof. P. Lal when Writers Work,  published “A Cynic’s Diary” in 2004:

words of encouragement by Prof. P. Lal

The musical side of Words and Colours


PEACE 365 campaign launched with William Pitt (American musician/songwriter) @ Words and Colours exposition, Geneva, Switzerland:

Sreyashi’s poems from “My Soul on a Platter” set to music by William and Indian fusion music: poems “Dreams” set to music. poems “Under a Spell”  set to music. : ‘ekla cholo re’ : my favourite Tagore song, my mantra.

Ismael Flessel translates ‘Strangers as they met” into Spanish: fin d’exposition, Geneva, Switzerland:


Desconocidos como se conocieron


No es fácil caminar como desconocidos entre una muchedumbre conocida.

Era de tarde, estaban solas las calles e iba yo tan solita.

Encontrarse con alguien, que una vez fue compañero y que ya no lo será.

Los labios estaban cerrados, con todo mi cuerpo avanzaba.

Los pies querían por cierto caminar pero el corazón se iba arrastrando.

Había olvidado que era el fin del día,

Y ya no había nada que decir.

Tantos recuerdos centellearon ahí,

Con todo no solté ni un suspiro.

El cielo parecía bajo

La carretera parecía angosta y larga

El cuerpo y la mente no iban mano a mano

El calor se había ido

Así [que] nos cruzamos como hacen los desconocidos.

Ninguna lágrima, ni una señal en la cara,

Ni se expreso un recuerdo que habíamos estado alguna vez en aquel sitio.

Corrió lejos de mí,

Fue dejada ahí y sentí que [ya] no lo iba a ver.

Volví a casa y sentí que otra vez había perdido algo, para siempre,

Pues otra vez siento, que lo que perdí, nunca fue mío.

Así ahora tengo que seguir caminando,

En este camino vacío

Que una vez había sido lleno de compañía.

Ahora me digo que, existieron aquellos días, que ahora se han ido.

La verdad de la vida que me es revelado es, que nada dura.

Pues aquí estoy mirando, mirando adelante,

Hasta que conozca otra vez, una vez más,

Nunca para conocer, sino ahora quedar desconocida para siempre.-

  translated by Caribbean linguist Ismael Flessel.

The video:

Sreyashi Ghosh’s original poem from “A Cynic’s Diary”:

Strangers as they met

To walk as strangers amongst a known crowd isn’t easy.

It was evening,lonesome were the streets and so was I.

To see someone, who was once a friend and will be no more.

Lips were sealed,yet my body moved ahead.

Feet did want to walk but heart crept away.

Had I forgotten that it was the end of the day,

And there was nothing more to say.

So many memories flashed by.

Yet, I did not drop a single sigh.

The sky seemed low,

The road seemed narrow and long,

Body and mind did’nt go hand in hand,

The warmth has gone,

So we walked past each other as strangers do.

Not a sorrowful tear drop, nor a cinch on the face,

Not a memory flew that sometime we were together at that place.

Ran away from me,

I was left there to feel that I was him never to see.

I came back home to feel that I had once again lost something forever,

Then again I feel, what did I lost, it was mine never.

So now I have to walk on,

On that empty road,

Which once was filled with companionship.

Now I tell myself, those  were the days, that are now gone.

Truth of life I am now revealed to, that nothing lasts.

So here I look on, look ahead,

Till I meet again, once again,

Never to meet, but to be now forever estranged.

Tea Rooms and Coffee Shops


I must have my afternoon tea and morning cup in order to function throughout the day, perchance I fall asleep! I am an absolute tea addict. Earl Grey yeah, but I like my Darjeeling first flush, just the way it is. I am fascinated with all kinds of tea pots too and I love collecting them. But now due to my travel constraints this oddity is waning.  A recent discovery is Imperial Grey, which is Darjeeling tea with Bergamote notes, it is absolutely divine under Marriage de frere. Globus in Geneva has it, Comptoir delices has it in Carouge,comptoir de the, Geneva.Now, coming to my fascination for tea rooms.From India,London,Paris,Geneva,New York, Venice,Rome, there are infinite tea rooms. I have this fascination for all kinds of tea. We have to make a start somewhere, so here Laduree has a history in macaroons and afternoon tea. An afternoon experience at hotel Bristol in Geneva is perhaps something close to what you might have to an English afternoon tea.