A Cynic’s Diary


A Cynic's Diary

Strangers as they met

I came back home to feel that I had once again lost something forever
That I was never to see him again, never
Then again I feel, what did I lose, it was mine never
So, now I have to walk on, on that empty road
Which was once filled with companionship?
Now I tell myself, those days are now gone
I console myself and hold back those tears
I fight them hard, but I know I am scarred
I hope there is someone in the future to allay my fears
Truth of life, I have to accept: “nothing lasts”
And many memories sealed I have now kept
So, here I look on, look ahead,
Till I meet him again, once again
Never to meet him, but to be now estranged forever

Cant’t think without you

It was the first time that I felt scared
I wish never to see this again, that is the only thing then I dared
It was the first time I saw you weak
And my future never before did seem so bleak
I was unable to speak.
Seeing at your worst,being so meek.
I could not think at all.

How can I ever see you fall.
I can never see you in pain
For then my life becomes in vain.

A testimonial by Prof. P. Lal when Writers Work,  published “A Cynic’s Diary” in 2004:

words of encouragement by Prof. P. Lal


About Sreyashi

I have been doing several things and dabbling with paint, with ink, with laptops, with scrolls,quills. Enjoying life, experiencing life in its full swing. So, that what I write about only difference being, I write while I sip on some tea. There is no greater passion than sharing, than writing about everything and everyday. Life is fascinating and if put to lyric can be interesting. So here I start! I start on a colourful poetic note.

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