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Peace mode 365


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World Peace by Sreyashi Ghosh

When the world is disraught with war

We can only hope for peace

When the killings and rage roar

With love with can heal

When at the hour of death

We can sing the praise of life

Peace, Peace, Peace

Lets put an end to war

Lets practice the art of PEACE

This is to start the World Peace Project. This is a Pen and Ink Line Drawing on Paper.

This is an international  peace project starting in September 2011 and by the end of this year i.e after the 365 day cycle there will be an exhibition to mark the end of a 365 day movement promoting peace for global development through art. A group of international artists,poets,writers,photographers,film makers,musicians, theater personalities,dancers and other creative minds will join in this PEACE 365 to promote world peace. Their individual works will be part of a montage for PEACE 365 showcasing different interpretations of PEACE by different creative individuals and personalities. Those striving for a peaceful world to build a human rights culture and celebrate love and peace are welcome to PEACE mode 365.

PEACE mode 365 has collaborated with EOTO World( an NGO in the USA): and Earth link International ( US based organization working on the UN Earth Charter).

THE UNESCO family will soon collaborate with PEACE 365 on its forthcoming projects.

By September 2012, I will have designed many drawings,sculptures,poems,stories celebrating a culture of world peace. Look forward to creative agents of change contributing to the  blog, the different ways in which peace can be written and recognized.Interpretation of peace in any language through any art forms and what peace means to you?

Other artists,writers,poets,musicians,singers,human rights activists are welcome to link up and celebrate PEACE.

I am a human being, I am a woman: Sreyashi Ghosh

This is the PEACE mode 365 LOGO

peace mode 365 CAMPAIGN was launched on the 7th June @ Words and Colours exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.

THE PEACE mode 365 campaign materials handpainted and designed by Sreyashi Ghosh are available for purchase:

the proceeds from this will go towards the  international campaign.

PEACE mode 365: to make PEACE accessible,approachable, understandable.

Currently, I am working on my PEN and INK series and writing peace in several languages starting my PEACE  mode 365 project:

PEACE NOW @ La Galerie des Grottes:

The PEACE MODE 365 blog will be launched @ La Galerie des Grottes, 21st September, Wednesday, 20h00 onwards to mark the beginning of the cycle of 365 days:

Also, as part of the PEACE NOW initiative, French Caribbean linguist Ismael Flessel has translated some of my poems from My Soul on a Platter into French.