Ideas brewing


Working in the scorching heat in my studio in Santiniketan now, which is different from my super studio a la mode @ Loudon St. Calcutta.Comparing spaces in terms of where I was last, before this in Geneva, my studio space wasn’t too dynamic or exciting. Atleast here I have so much inspiration from the people around me, my peers so talented, motivated, I am feeling like I have so much to learn from. This is an effective way of learning at SVAAD, like in an artist’s residency. I have been working on one of the most complicated series I have handled so far. I love them and that’s most important. 

About Sreyashi

I have been doing several things and dabbling with paint, with ink, with laptops, with scrolls,quills. Enjoying life, experiencing life in its full swing. So, that what I write about only difference being, I write while I sip on some tea. There is no greater passion than sharing, than writing about everything and everyday. Life is fascinating and if put to lyric can be interesting. So here I start! I start on a colourful poetic note.

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