An incarnadine evening with ‘words and colour’. Poetry reading of Sreyashi’s second book of poems “My Soul on a Platter” at OfftheShelf, English Bookshop, Geneva. The poems were of several kinds starting with “Dreams”,then alternating with  ‘Thanatos’ and ‘Eros’. With an element of fantasy and spirituality in Dreams, then onto poems on ‘Pain’ and ‘Death’, along with pen and ink line drawings. Finally showcasing the oil and acrylic paintings like the Masai and poems on Africa, the African Sky and Sunset. A few positive poems like “I will Survive”. Then ended with “The Return of the Bride”, most talked about poem with too many questions about that poem. How I wrote it and why? I also read this poem called “Dream Traders” not from this book but will be in my novel.With the artwork speaking for itself, the interconnectedness of art and poetry were well married to each other. In order to understand this concept of “Words and Colours” one must do away with preconceived notions about classical poetry or art and this is an experiement with thoughts,ideas,feelings emotions through various mediums. For all photos: David Lawson.

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