Dreams Traders

Let us trade dreams

You give me one dream

I will give you another

You trust me and confide in me your inner thoughts

But I am weary, as the world is wrought with distrust

In the hope of celestial light

Let’s tear out strands of light from the moon

The moonbeams shed their light

Where we sell our souls everyday in this marketplace, we call life

Here dreams are sold

Here everything is for sale

Here, in this marketplace, emotions are bought and dreams sold

This I have often been told

Where passions are marred,

Hopes scarred

Grinding under the dead of habit

Crushed, pressed, pushed into a quagmire

This is business where we give up our intimate desire for some concrete profit

Where we give up that we held dear to us,

We become machines, soulless creatures of flesh and blood

Manipulated by wants and desires, seduced by vices

We are being chained by many ‘isms’

We have a hyphenated existence

We are free to speak, yet impugned for saying too much

How do we know our limits?

As if we have eyes, yet have no vision

As if even if we have limbs we are invalid

Those immobile hopes crashed those dead desires that were once lost

But the embers are still burning strong

Those dreams not lost

This marketplace has not been able to distinguish those embers

The marketplace is inept to put a price on those dreams.

Those dreams are priceless.

Borne out of tears, blood and sweat

My dreams from the drudgery of this everyday existence

(These) thoughts that take flight

That releases me and now has become my religion

My life, my beliefs are those dreams.

Those dreams are for sale

My soul is not for sale

My love is not for sale

I am not for sale to a trader of dreams

Sreyashi Ghosh (C) 2011. I have copyright over these poems. so please do not use/reproduce or reprint without the author Sreyashi’s Knowledge.

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