Oil and Acrylic Paintings




From a drop of blood

To a vortex of violence

Whether terror strikes in Bombay

Or Maoists and naxals attack

From Kashmir to Godhra

Innocent lives killed in the name of:

Divided states, divided strengths, divided religion.

What goes on?

Rape, murder, pillage

Yet believers going on pilgrimage

To pray,

But to whom?

A silent spectator?

That which they call “God”?

What “God” is there?

What belief?

Who do we worship?

Where there is a celebration of death?

Not of life!

Who do we trust?

When our faith in humanity shaken?

Power and Politics are a game

Mere pawns without shame

Where Hegemony and Patriarchy reign supreme

India booming in technology

Then why is it lagging behind in gender and human rights?

Those who claim to have

Cleansed souls and minds


But putrid hearts

Those sins cannot be condoned

Those hypocrites

Cannot be bathed in the Holy Ganga

Our Holy river polluted by crime and corruption

With the death of emotions and mental eruptions

Contributing and compromising with one’s soul

For the sake of livelihood

Feed the mind and soul

Feed the body with love

Feed not with hatred

For this cankers and devours peace

Disrupted peace of mind

Scattered happiness

Fractured trust

Fight, the evil within, if you must

Dark dingy alleys of our mind

Need to be empowered

They need to awake

From this deep slumber

For change is welcome

A revolution is needed

We need to be independent

Self sufficiency and competency needs to find its lost meaning

And strive towards a new beginning

In a new dawn we shall awake

A new Bengal reborn within a new India

It pains me to see my city crippled

To be divided, to be written off; as a disease

We need entrepreneurs

Exchange fermenting ideas not only ‘black’ money

We march towards a new Calcutta

A better tomorrow

Feed the intellect as well as our hearts

Not senselessly fill coffers

Make both material and spiritual profits

Not persecute ambition brutally

But reward talent

And give the brave some recognition

Where there is development and improvement

Where our minds and our cities advance

We break away from the past glory

And wake up from this trance

And work for a future

Where there is true merit and no nepotism

An ideal utopia, not of Marx or of pseudo socialism

But a free world, a free mind, independent

Where freedom of expression reigns supreme

Hail to democracy!

Why is it that those who have a voice chose to remain quiet?

The fittest lack conviction and ideals

While the weak idle are filled with pseudo intensity?

Stirred with empty passion.

Let the power of words not override our actions

Let us not be overwhelmed by idealism

But fight realism

Let us not be sucked by chaos

Or wallow in self pity

Or be overcome by grief and pathos

But revel in the order of anarchy

And dance the dance of life.

New Beginnings


New beginnings

Hopeful tomorrow’s

My heart can’t hold all this happiness

As if my heart overflows with emotions

I can’t think

I am awestruck

I am sailing to my destination

I am flowing with the breeze

I am flying high

As if life will never come to a nigh

Endowed with a blessing

The greatest gift ever

I feel complete

This wonder

This sense of calm

Strange belonging to this world of words

This familiar sense of paper

of black ink

Freshness of ideas

bubbling and bursting through my mind

I write………..

Welcome Note


I have been doing several things and dabbling with paint, with ink, with colors, with musical notations, laptops, with scrolls,quills,pens,cameras. Enjoying life, experiencing life in its full swing.Being a cynic, then resurrecting, traveling through various destinations and various jobs. So, that’s what I write about only difference being, I write while I sip on some tea. There is no greater passion than sharing lived experiences, than writing about everything and everyday. Life is fascinating and if put to lyric can be interesting. So here I start!