I will survive

I will survive

With renewed faith

Towards a new tomorrow

With a ray of hope

Rising from the sun

At the crack of dawn

I welcome change

I will survive

With failures peering down at me

I shall stare them in the eye

Let bygones remain bygones

Let the future take me to a new world

I would’nt quite say:

“to drive me to perfection”

For in imperfection lies beauty

I will overcome these ups and downs

Take life in my stride

Strike back ten times

With confidence I shall walk towards a new dawn

I’ll be a winner, not a mere pawn

Life a game

You have to know your chances are limited

But play them well with tact

For, that is a fact

Patience will bring you glory

Thats the old story

Now buck up

Pat yourself on your shoulders

For that one victory

And rise above these trials

And stand with your head held high

Even if the end is drawing nigh

Scale the walls with hard work

And you will enjoy your perk

Believe in yourself

And stand firm ground

Unwavering in my fortitude

And triumphant you shall be

I will realise my dreams

I will win!

Geneva Lunch, review by Shirley Curran: http://genevalunch.com/book-my-place/

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