Caught unawares, I drift ,

into a world of dreams

This unknown fantasy

I dare to dream

Where my aspirations reign supreme

I will hold on “when the going gets tough”

I know it’s not easy and going to be rough

Like a caged wild animal

Like an incarcerated soul

Yet my thoughts are free

I dream

I dream of change

Of a better world

Of love and peace

Where there will be no breach

Where happiness we will preach

And songs of love teach

When frozen in this eternal bliss

All barrenness shall become fertile

All diseases cured

Fulfilment rest assured

In this genesis of life

Decay and pain shall meet its nemesis

We will all flourish

And love will pervade

And success shall invade

For love knows no boundaries

Neither do dreams

A conglomeration of ideals

A giving heart nestled

In a strong body

And an intelligent mind

To reason with

From kingdom of cerebral moments

To the world of ‘Utopia’

This is my dream

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